Monday, December 5, 2011

The stockings are hung...all 4 of them

This past weekend we decorated for the holidays. It's a joyous time of year and one we loved sharing with Kysa as she comes upon her second Christmas.

The tree was put up, lights and ornaments adorn it, and other festive decorations made their way across our home. The stockings were next. One. Two. Three.

Four. The reminder of how last year at this time we were so certain that we'd have our son home for this Christmas that we actually bought him his own stocking. Well, we wanted it to match Kysa's... made sense. But here we are... one, two, three...

This year, we'd just be happy for a referral by NEXT Christmas. Not an easy position to be in, since of course we wish we could know that. I'd be happy if that was fact. Still we know that we are fortunate to have our amazing little Kysa. We know that there are also so many families in our same situation or somewhere in the adoption process who will also have an emotional holiday season. We know that other adoptive families will have a chance to celebrate this year as they bring home their sons and daughters. We will celebrate with these families. We will hope we're in their shoes next year.

There has been and continue to be lots of change, turmoil, progress (you pick your term) in the Ethiopian adoption system. This has created much of the slow-down we have experienced, even if we see very little... it's what we hear, what we piece together... it's the reality we know. We feel fortunate to have an agency that we believe in and trust, that helps.

In the meantime, please don't forget that there is still a famine going on in the Horn of Africa. Yes, even while we laugh and sing... while we eat and drink... while we give and receive... there are millions of people not as fortunate as us. Please think about them, pray for them, and if you have the means... please help them.

To end on a positive note, we did MOVE UP 1 SPOT today on the wait list. One more forever family accepted their referral today. One more child will be with their forever family for the upcoming Holidays. We move up.

/ fredrik

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  1. this brought tears to my eyes, both because you are so eager and wanting your son, and also because i know in my heart that you son is wanting you all. blessings and prayers