Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ethiopian Exports

I woke up Christmas morning with an all too familiar feeling.  Fredrik was up before Kysa and me, and I heard him making coffee in the kitchen.  Out of habit I headed in the direction of coffee, but my morning shuffle turned into a sprint as I tried to make it to a sink, trash can or any kind of basin in time...

And then we heard the pitter patter of a little person headed towards the Christmas tree and we sprinted in that direction arriving just in time to see the Big Moment. Kysa stood speechless and motionless with a sleepy look of awe on her sweet face. Slowly in a whisper she began naming the things she'd asked for, amazed that they'd appeared beneath the Christmas tree. I slumped down next to her and tried not to throw up on Doc McStuffins.

...and that was the extent of my Christmas Day. Or at least the good part.

I've spent the last few days in bed with something that is suspiciously, exactly, and unfortunately like what I had in Ethiopia. Unkillable bacteria? Persistent parasites? Yes, I believe I might have exported some little friends from Ethiopia.

I spent the first two days of Christmas in a delirious state of yuck, with barely enough energy to watch movies. Some gifts were opened in bed for my viewing pleasure. After two days I left our bedroom, and slowly we've had a visit from grandparents, from neighbors, and this morning we ventured out to meet some new friends, the sweet Eskridge family, another adoptive family from our agency who lives here in Raleigh. Yay! We're so excited to have them close by!

As my symptoms have improved, I've had time to obsess over double strollers and car seats. Productive, right?

So far since coming back from Ethiopia, I've had the business of Christmas preparation, two days of feverish delirium, another two days of exhausted but obsessive online stroller research...all bringing me to the the sad reality today of how much I miss Wynray.

When do we go get him, you ask? Good question.

Last week we had hoped to be submitted to Embassy, but there were some delays with the results of Wynray's medical exam. But now that all his paperwork is together, there is no good reason why we won't be submitted this coming Wednesday. You can only be submitted to Embassy on Wednesday afternoons, so if you miss the window you have to wait for another week.

We predict once submitted it will take a week to process our case, at least another week to interview Wynray's birth father, and then another few days to a week to clear our case. We think it's reasonable to expect we'll be able to return sometime between Jan 16 and Jan 30, but we just don't know...

What I do know is this:
I miss Wynray.
His Forever Family is ready for him...
His community is ready for him...
We are so ready.

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