Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Full Time Job

Fredrik comes home tomorrow. I am SO glad. I've arrived at a new level of exhaustion, even though Kysa and Lexi have been really easy this week. Regardless, this mommy needs a break. 8 days of single parenting...eye opening. My respect and heart goes out to all you single moms out there. I am glad to know that I CAN do it alone (at least for a week), I'm just thankful that I don't have to.

I'm also realizing that the paperwork part of the adoption is going to be a full time job. For me. Did I mention that having a baby sucked out the detail oriented part of my brain and replaced it with spontaneous singing, cooing and gooing? This could be interesting.

This week that Fredrik has been gone was spent researching homestudy agencies (we finally have one now), having a phone meeting again with Gladney to give me an overview of the entire process detail by detail which thoroughly overwhelmed me. By the end of the conversation it sounded to me like she was saying...'Then you need to send the form to President Obama, but only after the Pope has sprinkled it with holy water, but don't send it to the Pope until we give you notice that Santa Claus has not added you to his naughty list, and before you do any of this make sure you send us a check." Yes, thankfully it's all written down somewhere in our manual.

I look forward to having a few uninterrupted hours to work on this when Fredrik gets home....but being distracted by serious cuteness isn't so bad either.

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