Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Small Forest

Fredrik is out of the country, and I'm managing Kysa and Lexi alone for a week. We're all doing great, especially with the help of our amazing babysitter, Natalie, who comes for a couple hours a day to let me go to yoga. Sanity helps.

Gladney sent us the dossier manual and the application manual (hundreds of pages) which I somehow managed to print out juggling baby and dog. I also took out a small forest in the process. So sorry Mother Earth....we'll try to make it up to you by using 7th Generation Diapers (you know we REALLY tried cloth).

So I sit here, watching my baby who will wake up any minute now and need my attention, and eyeing the mountain of paperwork someone will need to complete to bring our baby boy home. And this isn't just name and address and why do you want a baby paper's serious FBI, US Embassy, dot your i's and cross your t's, thank you very much paper work. yikes.

Nowhere on the application did it ask for a haiku, a silly song, or an essay on chakras. I'm screwed. Fredrik, come home soon.

OK, people...I'm bucking up, ending the procrastination, closing this post and going to snuggle with Kysa and the small forest/adoption manuals on this rainy night. Diving in.

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