Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hey little man, it's me... Dad

It's an interesting feeling, now that we have the ball rolling, to realize that you could in fact be conceived by now (or perhaps in the next couple of months). Yet even though you are over 7,000 miles away, somehow we already feel a connection to you. I really mean that.

I think about adoption and it's easy to wonder, how will I relate to you? I've never been mistaken as Ethiopian... although, one of the most famous Swedes living in the USA is "Swedish-Ethiopian-American": Marcus Samuelsson, the head chef of Aquavit and other restaurants in NYC. No pressure. Still, I can't help envision a conversation you and I may have some years from now.

You: "Why am I different than you? Am I really part of this family?"

Me: "Yes, of course. Just like you, I was also born in another country on the other side of the ocean. I came from a magical cold country up north, you came from a beautiful warm country around the equator. Just like you, I came to this country at a young age. Your Mom and I found each other, that's when we started our family. Then came your beautiful sister Kysa. Then we planned for and found you. Now despite where we all came from and how we look, we are all part the same family."

We are already an international family, and adopting you will make us so much more international. What a beautiful thing, when what this world needs more than anything is global understanding, appreciation, tolerance and love.

While I know it'll still be a while, can't wait to meet you little man...

/ fredrik

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