Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jumping into the Canyon

What just happened? As Allison said, "I think we just entered the matrix"... yes, yes we did.

We just finished our phone orientation with our Gladney contact, Debra. She's great. Of course, in the midst of this 20 minute call Lexi decides to bark at the neighbors and cause trouble, the phone battery dies after a long day of conference calls, and we eagerly await our food delivery order from Black Bean Co. The only calm soul in the room was sleepy Kysa in Mommy's arms... she's sooo supportive of us finding her baby brother!

That said, we are undoubtedly standing on the edge of a canyon. We look. We see it. It is beautiful and daunting. And, we decide it is still best to jump in it. It is deep. It will hurt. It will take time to reach bottom. It will take more time to climb out the other side. But the stories we can tell will be vast. The experience unique. The views spectacular. And, we will have our baby boy.

Here's to jumping into canyons with eyes wide open!

/ fredrik

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