Friday, September 17, 2010

First stop on the Hurry Up and Wait Express

It's Friday, exactly a week after we mailed off our application. We had hoped that we'd have at least completed the orientation by now. I contacted the agency this week and we can't go forward with the orientation until they've processed all the information from our application. Fredrik and I both thought we'd be able to get through the paper work in a timely fashion, but I'm now realizing that it probably has very little to do with how quickly we get our end of the paper work completed.

I really hope we're able to do the orientation next week since Fredrik will be out of the country the following week. Time seems to be flying by, I can see how quickly three weeks could go by and nothing happens. Tick tock.

Other news, I survived my first week of being dairy free and have decided to take it a step further and venture into vegan land....meaning that I'm cutting out meat. I know most folks usually cut out meat first, and then dairy...but I've never been one to do things in order. So far so good. I feel great, and we even ordered pizza tonight (the satsang cheeseless at D'Allesandro's is awesome). I'm giving myself a 3 month goal to start. After three months I'll reassess how I feel, unless it affects my ability to breastfeed Kysa and I'll make immediate changes. Yes, my decision to go Vegan does have something to do with the adoption...I'll explain in a later blog. For now, let's just say it's a combination of medical guidance and attention to ethics.

I also taught my first prenatal yoga class at the Charleston Birth Place this week. It felt great to rejoin the work force even in a small way. It was also sweet to teach something that I feel so passionate about in the place where Kysa was born. Great baby vibes!!!

Kysa's new tricks this week include reaching more and more, squeezing faces, hugging and snuggling her face into our necks when she's tired, sticking things in her mouth, laughing at mommy when I fake cry, and testing the boundaries of her vocal strength. Our kid is loud.

Until next time....C'mon Gladney, we're ready for orientation!!!

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