Wednesday, November 10, 2010


This weekend we met Eli. He is 3 and charming. He likes to put objects on his head that make him look like a spaceman. He plays a mean game of Candyland, and a very strategic and giggly game of Hot Potato. He's articulate, happy, and affectionate. He speaks multiple languages and can do cartwheels, and he seemed to have boundless energy. He's sweet, curious and loving. We watched as Kysa took a nap, and Eli went over to check her out and gently pat her on the head. He also knows exactly where he came from: "Ethiopia which is in Africa."

My dear friends, Maggie and Michael (who adopted their daughter, Niya, from China in 2004), hosted a cozy get together on Sunday to allow Fredrik, Kysa and I to meet Eli and his truly lovely parents, Lisa and Maurice. We picked their brains and hung on every word of their story to adopt Eli. They showed us pictures and shared memories, insights and opinions. My good friend, David, was there as well, who also adopted his daughter from China in 2004. Fredrik and I felt that we'd stepped into, and were warmly embraced by a new community...the international adoption community. I felt like I was in a room with kindred spirits, and I feel even more confirmed that we are on the right path.

And did I mention Lisa (Eli's mom) is Swedish? Like born in Sweden Swedish. She and Eli almost sang us a Swedish children's song but Eli had a little performance anxiety. Maybe next time...But how COOL is that?

I think Sunday will serve as a milestone for us. Seeing Eli and his family, we can now picture a little more clearly what our family will look like someday. We were smitten with Eli, and now we're even more excited about our growing family...if that's even possible.

Thanks again, Maggie, Michael and Niya!!

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