Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Is it possible?

I think we're close to a milestone people!

Is it possible we've taken our last stack of documents to the bank to be notarized?

Is it possible we've made our last stack of photocopies and then rushed to FedEx before 5:00 for the last time?

Is it possible we're finished with the mind-numbing, hurry-up-and-wait paperwork and ready to be placed on a wait list?

Is it possible we've hasseled our kind and generous references for just ONE MORE reference letter (thank you, thank you, thank you adoption angels)

We're not wanting to get too overconfident...but it could be possible.

Our dossier is almost complete, it's being compiled, checked and double checked and when our fantastic dossier expert, Kate sends it to our agency we will be FINISHED and placed on the WAIT LIST!!

Yee Haw!! Here's to our tortoise style paperwork race...we're almost there!!!!

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