Monday, May 2, 2011

Is it possible? Part two.

It's amazing how something as constant as time seems to play games with you. You know those days that seem to take forever but the week flies by? Or, the party planning and prep that seems to never end but the party itself is over before you know it? That's how I feel after looking back and realizing that on April 5th we posted that we were only moments away from having our paperwork completed and being placed on the official wait list. April 5th doesn't seem that long ago, but somehow a month has passed and yet I still feel the same... any day now we should (really) be on the official wait list for our little boy. This week, I believe this week. I believe.

This isn't to say we've been sitting around waiting. While the adoption and the process is never far from our minds, April and into early May have been beautiful in our home. My lovely wife's birthday, a good friend's book debut and book signing party, Easter brunch at our neighbor's house with friends, an evening listening to jazz at our neighborhood park and to top it all off... today's 1st birthday of our amazing little girl, Kysa! We are really blessed to have such rich experiences to get us through this adoption process. Still, I cannot help think about all these same things happening next year.. maybe then we will have our son with us too? How cool...

Vamos! Come on! Kom igen! We are ready to wait!

/ fredrik

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