Monday, June 27, 2011

Hard to fathom being at #10 (ok, #16)

Our journey keeps going. Another week, another referral that moves us up the list.

Just this afternoon Allison says to me, "it's hard to check the [IAN] web site and not see a referral that moves us up the list." Yeah, I agree. But I keep telling her, they don't happen every day... not even every week or month sometimes. Yet, they actually DO seem to keep coming. By the end of the day we officially moved up another spot to #16 (unofficially #10 with some families on 'hold').

It's hard not to try to do the math. So, if there is 1 referral per week and we are unofficially #10 and everyone else stays on 'hold' then we will get our referral...

It's hard not to rearrange the house in your mind. So, we'll need to get that extra stroller seat, that extra high chair, that extra car seat, those boy clothes, that other bed...

It's hard not to visualize our family with Mamoosh even more now. So, we really are within grasp of this moment that just a few months ago seemed so far away. Just this last weekend we had a mini Kysa photoshoot with Tamara. Our precious little Kysa so cute with her blonde little curls. But we still can't help talk to Tamara about having her there at the airport to capture our coming home with Mamoosh and those first moments in Charleston with our two beautiful children. I can't wait for that moment...

It's hard not to check the IAN web site daily. Good night for now, I hope to blog again tomorrow [after I check the IAN web site again].

/ fredrik

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