Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When 18 means 12....

There's been a string of referrals lately, and we've moved from our place at #23 on May 3 to #18 today! We also learned there are 6 families ahead of us who are "on hold," meaning they are not accepting referrals now. This means they may have gotten pregnant or want to wait a bit before accepting a referral.

Soooooo, unofficially this means we're #12!!!! It's beginning to feel kinda real and I'm feeling all tingly as I write this. Whoa. Whoa...

Here's the email exchange between me, our adoption coordinator, and Fredrik

AW: Hey Cat! I just saw you had a referral for another baby boy! I just wanted to confirm our status. Are we #19 now, and are there still 6 families on hold?

Cat: Hi Allison! Surprise, you are number 18!! There has been a bunch of movement lately, so I double checked. :-) Yes, there are still 6 families on hold before you.

Whoop Whoop!! Great news!! Thanks so much ;-)

F: holy smokes, holy smokes, holy smokes, holy smokes, holy smo.....

A: yowza!!!

As an aside, two nights ago I supported the birth of little Emma. Her mom was one of my prenatal yoga students. For the last few weeks I've seen Emma kick and dance around while her mom reclined in goddess pose during the relaxation part of class. Each time I saw her move I would think of my son perhaps dancing in someone else's belly on the other side of the world. I was blessed to witness Emma's arrival on Monday night. She was born beautifully and majestically in water after several hours of labor with soothing music, low lights, candles and 5 loving beings to greet her and help her transition with ease into this world. Her mom, Megan, was a brave and powerful goddess who was surrounded by loving beings all day. She was encouraged, massaged, and loved as she labored. While I was very present for the event, I couldn't help think of my son and his birth mother and wonder about his appearance day. I pray our son's mother is supported by loving, caring hands and I hope he transitions easily into this world and somehow knows how much he is wanted. Being able to support Megan and Emma made me feel connected to my son and his birth mother. I'm so grateful....

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  1. YAY for officially being #18 and unofficially being #12!! So very exciting! =+)