Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day....indeed!!

What's better than flowers, cards, romantic dinners, and yummy sweets on Valentine's Day??

Moving up TWO spots on our adoption wait list!! We are officially #11 and unofficially #6 with 5 families on hold in front of us. We're doing the happy dance at our house right now, can you hear us? Yahoooooo!!!!!

The referral today was a 3 month old boy which makes us SUPER excited!!

On this day symbolized by hearts, ours are full and open and ready to welcome our son.
We're waiting for you Mamoosh. While your papa and I just want you in our arms, Kysa says she hopes you have hair...but that's negotiable.

There are days when I doubt this adoption will ever happen....BUT NOT TODAY :-))))!!!
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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