Saturday, May 18, 2013

I'm sorry. I lied.

Two posts ago I wrote one of the really wonderful things about being an adoptive parents is NOT projecting your gifts and expectations on your child, and allowing the child to reveal the person they are meant to be.

Last night I dreamed about Wynray as a young man. We were sitting at an outdoor cafe in New York City, sipping tea and still glowing, completely blissed out from the yoga class we'd just taken together. He was dressed like a hipster, with a knit hat framing his handsome and kind face. We were discussing important arty stuff. He was happy, interesting, and completely content spending time with me. I'm sure if I'd slept longer we would gone to a museum.

...and then he invited me to be his date to the Oscars. (Okay, I didn't dream that but that would be kind of awesome too.)

Yeah, about that not projecting nonsense...

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