Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Redefining Genius

After having a little girl for 2.5 years before Wynray became part of our family, I often worried I just wouldn't "get" a little boy. Of course, this was after spending my entire pregnancy with Kysa worried if we had a girl I wouldn't "get" her either. I think in reality I was just worried about being able to connect with my kids, but I now think biological or adopted child, you get the kids you are suppose to have.

Most certainly, one of the joys of parenting an adopted child is you just never know what their "gifts" will be. While this is true with a biological child too, you still might have some clues.  For example, Kysa loves to dance and is really verbal. Shocker. But she's also a night owl and I'm a morning person.

I love that Wynray is a blank slate of expectation for us, He has none of my or Fredrik's "gifts" transposed on him with expectations. Every day is a new day for him to reveal a little more about himself, and for us to learn more about Wynray. This morning we learned he is a GENIUS.

Now, it hasn't taken me long to appreciate Wynray's gifts like his fast twitch muscle fiber super-soulful hugs, his lightening quick kinesthetic awareness, and his loud and expressive communication (screaming) done while running top speed through the house or climbing something treacherous like the stove, or his ability to carry heavy objects (like a skillet) through the house while I'm showering.

This morning Wynray did something extraordinary that earned him a place of reverent respect in my book. We co-sleep with Wynray, and he woke me at 6:30am with a love wack and hair tug. We snuggled for a few minutes and then he sat up and looked at me as if he had something very important to say.

....he grunted.....and I grunted back. He giggled.

....he roared.....and I roared back. He smiled at me knowingly as if to say, "ok, we're playing THAT game."

....and he growled.....and I growled back. He looked perplexed. He got a far off look in his eye that clearly asked "hmmmm how can I stump Mom?"

....then he locked eyes with me, took a deep breath, arched his back and farted....then gave me a look that said "top that"

Fredrik was awake by this time and we both cracked up as Wynray's face turned smug and triumphant. His wit was so QUICK, and his comedic timing was so SPOT ON.

So my friends, it is my humble opinion that humor is one of the highest forms of intelligence. Add to the superb comic timing the ability to control one's sphincter, and you have in my book an act of true genius.

I think I'm starting to "get" my boy.
You bet, I'm one proud mama.

Disclaimer: I realize there's been a lot of potty humor here lately, probably the lowest forms of humor. So while my son if proving to be a genius, his mom's brain cells may be dwindling. My apologies if I offend, but it's the reality I'm currently living in. I'd also like to point out I (used to) read LOTS of books, watch Downton Abbey, CBS Sunday Morning, and listen to NPR (though mostly these days I'm just turning up the volume to drown out the screaming while I stare off into space).

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